Community healthcare

AltaMed wanted to establish community-based sites to make coronavirus testing easily accessible to its patients. They needed a highly secure and reliable way for medical teams to access patients’ electronic medical records.


AltaMed didn’t have much time to build infrastructure for COVID test sites

  • Challenges

    The community healthcare organization had 4 days to turn an empty lot into a space where their providers could function as if they were in a clinic. The biggest challenge was delivering connectivity.

  • Results

    AT&T retail trucks were positioned in the parking lot testing sites and used as mobile hot spots. Thanks to the ready connectivity, medical personnel in the temporary clinics have all the bandwidth they need, serving hundreds of patients a day.

  • Solution

    FirstNet, the national broadband network built by AT&T for first responders, provided highly secure mobile connectivity by parking an AT&T truck equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots at an AltaMed testing sight in a disadvantaged neighborhood.

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Turning empty lots into COVID-19 testing sites for L.A.’s most vulnerable

COVID healthcare worker with face shield

About AltaMed

AltaMed began serving indigent, uninsured, and underinsured populations in 1969. Its mission is to eliminate disparities in healthcare access and outcomes. Today, it receives 1 million medical visits annually.

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