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Iris ID is the exclusive North American representative of the remo+ DoorCam 3+ LTE over-the-door smart security camera. The device provides video security for renters and others who are unable to make permanent security installations.


Reliable, end-to-end connectivity for remote monitoring devices

  • Challenges

    The world’s only over-the-door smart security camera, the remo+ DoorCam 3+ LTE, distributed by Iris ID, required the portability and reliability of a robust cellular network.

  • Results

    With constant communication available via a Wi-Fi connection and/or the AT&T LTE network, remoDoorCam 3+ LTE enables a variety of use cases, from renters to RVs to police providing the cameras to victims escaping cases of domestic violence.

  • Solution

    AT&T Global SIM automatically delivers worldwide, end-to-end connectivity for remo+ technology. The AT&T Control Center makes it easy for remo+ to deploy and manage the devices with advanced diagnostic tools and smart process automation.

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A global leader in authentication technology

About Iris ID

Iris ID Systems Inc. delivers the world’s most deployed iris recognition platform. The technology is found on six continents and in thousands of locations, authenticating the identities of millions of persons daily.

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