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Fire hydrants release more than just water these days. iHydrant, maker of waterworks products, is using AT&T Global SIMs so its fireplugs can transmit temperature and pressure data to help prevent water main breaks. 


Smart fire hydrants transmit data to keep waterworks in working order

  • Challenges

    Water utilities need to know the exact moment when their water systems have issues so they can prevent or combat water main breaks. They needed a way to transmit pressure and temperature data from hydrants to water utility personnel.

  • Results

    iHydrant created a remote monitoring solution so water utilities can prevent water main breaks or detect them before additional damage and liability can occur. Utilities operate more efficiently, save money, and conserve energy. 

  • Solution

    iHydrant uses AT&T Global SIMs to connect fire hydrants to the AT&T IoT network. The company also uses the AT&T Control Center to deploy and manage its solution with diagnostic tools and smart process automation. 

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Helping utilities protect their water infrastructure and save money

About iHydrant

iHydrant™, part of the McWane, Inc. Valve & Hydrant Group, is a family-owned manufacturer of waterworks products. iHydrant uses real-time pressure and temperature monitoring data and analytics to help utility companies detect and prevent water loss.

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