IoT technology

SODAQ produces durable, solar-powered IoT tracking and sensing hardware designed for large-scale, enterprise-sized deployments. It needed an international provider that could deliver the truly global IoT connectivity its smart solutions require.

tracking and sensing hardware


SODAQ is a world leader in sustainable Internet of Things technology

  • Challenges

    The IoT innovator SODAQ (Solar Powered Data Acquisition) needed dependable, global, end-to-end connectivity. It also needed an easy way to provision and control all of their worldwide IoT sensors.

  • Results

    SODAQ’S SIMs can now roam globally—a closer step to having devices which will work in essentially every country in the world. The company also has the tools to monitor, manage, activate, and deactivate the SIMs through a web browser in the cloud.

  • Solution

    SODAQ equips its sensors with AT&T Global SIM cards that automatically and remotely connect to the network. AT&T IoT LTE International Data Plans enable provisioning in multiple countries through a flexible, easy-to-use platform.

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Dependable global connectivity for Internet of Things innovations

sensing hardware


SODAQ, an acronym for Solar Powered Data Acquisition, is a world leader in sustainable IoT technology. Based in the Netherlands, SODAQ produces durable, solar-powered IoT tracking and sensing hardware designed for large-scale deployments.
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