eBook: Unified communications-as-a-service simplifies hybrid work

by Kimberly Munsell, Lead Product Marketing Manager

What do you think of when you hear the term, “the power of connection”? In today’s world we’ve learned how important it is to be able to connect with one another. In the workplace,  the act of connection has and continues to evolve. Companies have learned the value of connectivity and active collaboration when in-person meetings aren’t possible. Organizations have learned new ways to build meaningful relationships with customers, clients, and vendors. Yes, connection is powerful and in today’s new workforce model – the hybrid workforce, the power of connection means business viability.

At the heart of connection in business is your communications ecosystem. Unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) enables you to integrate your voice and collaboration solutions into a single platform. You need the right tool that not only gives you single-platform visibility but allows you to deliver the same quality experience no matter if your workers are in the office or working remotely. AT&T Office@Hand provides this secure, unified capability. We explore this in our eBook, The Power of Connection.

The importance of effective integration

Take a moment to think about the number of applications (apps) your employees average using per day. Word processing, virtual private network (VPN) apps, spreadsheets, maybe graphic design, customer databases… the list goes on. Talk about app overload! A Harmon.ie1 survey reports that 74% of employees have at least five applications open at one time. Often, there’s little to no integration – these applications don’t “talk” to each other.

This can be a real productivity drain when this problem is in your voice and collaboration ecosystem. Your teams can’t be as agile as needed. They can’t innovate efficiently to move the business forward as quickly as they would like. Adopting a single platform to unify applications can simplify tasks and improve overall flexibility while delivering a more seamless and unified experience. In other words, your employees can be more agile and productive.

Choosing the right technology to connect your remote workers

AT&T Office@Hand gives you this power of connection back by simplifying how your communication tools connect. Voice, text, fax, collaboration tools all connect in a single platform. Our solution integrates more than 200 applications, including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace into a single platform. A Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solution, you’re able to capture the flexibility, agility, and productivity you need. And when you combine Office@Hand with dedicated or business fiber, you’ll add reliability and fast speed to take productivity to even higher levels.

Prepare for the future of collaboration

AT&T Office@Hand unifies your collaboration solutions through one portal, so you can be prepared for both planned and unexpected changes in how your employees communicate in day-to-day activities. The result is that employees can access everything they need when they need it—wherever they are.

Learn more about how AT&T Office@Hand can simplify your connection to your teams and hybrid workers in our eBook, The Power of Connection.

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