AT&T Office@Hand: Unify collaboration for the future of work

by Kimberly Munsell, Lead Product Manager

We’ve all learned a lot about the nature of collaboration over the past few years. Many businesses resisted remote working out of concern that productivity would suffer. Some believed creativity would also take a hit if teams couldn’t meet in person.

We’ve come to realize that collaboration takes on many forms. The idea that teams and collaborators need to be in the same place to move business forward no longer holds true. What’s needed is a way to make sure that their communication tools all work together. You need a simple platform to allow easier connection and collaboration. AT&T Office@Hand is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution to accomplish this for the hybrid work model today and the agility you need for the future.

Agile communications for a hybrid workforce

In the hybrid workforce model, workers across different functional teams rely on multiple devices –mobile phones, tablets, desktop, laptops, to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Reliable unified collaboration is needed for work to be productive so the business can move quickly whether your team members are in the office or working remotely.

AT&T Office@Hand unites the dispersed workforce so they can work faster and with more efficiency.  They’re able to switch seamlessly between voice, email, messaging, and calendars. It’s a cloud-based service delivered on any public or private internet service such as AT&T Dedicated Internet rather than a wired installed phone system. This saves on cost and also makes it easier to adapt, change, and maintain your team collaboration tools.

And your teams no longer need multiple numbers for business voice, fax, and text messaging. AT&T Office@Hand simplifies this by providing one number per employee for all tools so others can reach your team with ease. They’ll also have access to advanced features like auto attendant, voicemail, on-hold music, and conferencing, which improves the experience for callers. You can even record calls on all business devices. In addition, it integrates your contact center and 200+ applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams,, Skype, and more.

A single unified platform

AT&T Office@Hand delivers a simplified service experience. A single platform bridges all your audio, video, and web conferencing needs along with collaboration tools such as file sharing, persistent chat, and white boarding. This makes it easier to adjust your communications as your business needs change. Another benefit is that your customers have one business number to reach anyone in your organization – sales, customer service, or technical support. Having a clear view of all of your voice and collaboration tools can be challenging. AT&T Office@Hand makes it easier by consolidating them into one, easy-to-understand, securely encrypted portal.

Visit our AT&T Office@Hand page or contact your AT&T Business representative so you can learn how it can benefit the unique needs of your business.