Fast-track your future with consulting and professional services

by Bob Gamiel, AVP Strategy and Practices, AT&T Consulting and Professional Services

Sometimes, going it alone is a good thing. When you take in a movie yourself you get to choose which one you see, and you don’t have to share the popcorn. Solo travel? Choose the itinerary and be on your way. No compromises, no negotiation. Walk alone in the woods and you can immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature or your own thoughts.

Digital transformation alone? That’s a different story.

Businesses are transforming legacy operating models, infrastructure, and processes to digital ones and moving them to the cloud. It’s an exciting time. Getting there will make your business more agile and your customers happier. You’ll be able to pivot quickly when you need to. Your universe of collaboration partners will become wider. Engaging (and disengaging) them will become fast and easy. Lots of tasks like provisioning services and moving application workloads will be easier and more automated.

You want to be there now, without missing a beat on the day-to-day needs of your business, without impacting your current customer experience, and all while keeping your eyes on your return on investment.

We get it, and we can help.

AT&T Consulting and Professional Services gets you to digital transformation faster

AT&T Consulting & Professional Services provides the infrastructure and industry expertise to help you realize your digital transformation goals faster.  We also recognize that while your transformation vision may be similar to your peers, your journey will be unique.  The good news: as a leading provider of secure, smart communications to 2.5 million companies globally including nearly all the Fortune 1000—we’ve never met a transformation we couldn’t accelerate. No matter how challenging your environment, tight your timeframe, or limited your budget we can help you get to digital transformation faster than you would on your own.

AT&T Consulting and Professional Services can help mitigate risk

With 20+ years of experience helping firms through their digital transformation journey, we’ve seen a lot of speed bumps, and we’ve developed the know-how to help you avoid them. We have a wide view of the technology landscape, especially when it comes to cloud migration.  Both within AT&T and across our partner ecosystem, we tap into the best and brightest minds in the industry, and can mobilize them for your business wherever you are.

Why AT&T Business?

See how ultra-fast, reliable fiber and 5G connectivity protected by built-in security give you a new level of confidence in the possibilities of your network. Let our experts work with you to solve your challenges and accelerate outcomes. Your business deserves the AT&T Business difference—a new standard for networking.

Check out our infographic, Destination: Digital Transformation, for a quick summary of the challenges and how AT&T Consulting and Professional Services can help. Contact your AT&T Business representative to connect with an expert who knows business.