Read the eBook: It's time to modernize your network

by Chris Yates, Senior Lead Content Strategist, AT&T Business

Did you know that 70% of CEOs globally say their subpar level of network maturity is negatively affecting business delivery,1 yet only 5% of network operators or administrators have modernized their network?2

In our eBook, “It’s time to modernize your network: Fiber, 5G, and voice for the future-forward business,” we make the case why now is the time for modernization and outline the steps to take you there.

What is network modernization?

Some people use the terms “digital transformation” and “network modernization” interchangeably. They are, however, different.

Digital transformation (DX) describes digitizing analog, legacy operations, products, and services. Migrating applications and data to the cloud instead of housing them in physical machines onsite is one example of digital transformation.

Network modernization on the other hand precedes DX. It lays the groundwork for it. For example, before you install an internet-based phone system, you need the bandwidth, speed, latency, and consistent performance to accommodate the flow of increased data across your network.

Why network modernization matters

Legacy services, including copper phone lines, lack these performance essentials (bandwidth, speed, latency, and consistency). A modernized network, on the other hand, is built on fiber internet. It not only provides these assets, but enables for cloud connectivity, upgrading phone systems to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce, adoption of new and emerging technology, and many other uses. Network modernization is the foundation for digital transformation.

In this eBook, we cover the why, what, and how of modernizing your network. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should act quickly to modernize your network
  • What a modernized network can look like
  • How to take the next steps on your journey

Eyes on the prize. It’s time to modernize.

The right connectivity solutions make other parts of your network, and therefore your digital evolution, possible and stronger. That’s why now is the time for network modernization with fiber, 5G, and voice. The growth potential of your business hangs in the balance.

Read the eBook today to dive deeper and discover how AT&T Business can help you.

Download your copy of the eBook, “It’s time to modernize your network: Fiber, 5G, and voice for the future-forward business.

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