Choose a robust technology foundation for your business

by Melissa Diffloth, Director, Product Marketing

If you haven’t fully embraced the new world of hybrid work, you’re not alone. The pain points are plentiful. You have legacy technology, but you may feel overwhelmed by all the new technology choices. You may not have the teams in place to help you choose and maintain your technology. In short, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Embracing the new world of hybrid work is a challenge worth meeting head on. Consider these statistics:

  • If you were to return to an office-centric, in-person environment, you could lose up to 39% of your workforce.1
  • If you were to “virtualize” on-site practices, for example, piling on more meetings to ensure that remote team members remain in the loop, you run the risk of creating fatigue. “When employees experience high levels of fatigue, employee performance decreases by up to 33%, feelings of inclusion decrease by up to 44%, and employees are up to 54% less likely to remain with their employer,” said Alexia Cambon, director in the Gartner HR practice.1
  • Creating a new hybrid environment can reduce employee fatigue by 44 percentage points, increase intent to stay by 45 percentage points, and boost performance by 28 percentage points.2

Build on the 3 crucial pillars with your business tech

In today’s reality of the workplace, hybrid work is how you win. How can you support this new business model? You’ll need to establish a robust and critical foundation with these three pillars: reliable, high-speed connectivity, collaboration tools, and cybersecurity.

Reliable, high-speed connectivity

Demand for reliable, high-speed business internet connectivity is skyrocketing in the new hybrid work environment. Hybrid workers need to connect to business-critical information and applications hosted in the cloud and data centers. Connectivity also enables innovation and unlocks immersive experiences.

Collaboration tools

The new world of hybrid work has created a surge in demand for collaboration tools such as Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. Having all-in-one solutions like AT&T Office@Hand that delivers seamless integration with these applications must deliver manageability, visibility, and flexibility. As a result, collaboration tools are undergoing rapid innovation, taking remote connectivity to new levels. They encourage a productive and cohesive digital work environment no matter where team members are working.


The pivot to work from home was swift and, in many cases, not carefully executed from a cybersecurity perspective. Anti-malware, multilevel authentication, and end point protection weren’t always incorporated into new hybrid or remote work operations, exposing vulnerabilities that cybercriminals were all too quick to exploit. Indeed, cyberattacks surged during the pandemic. Business leaders now say security is an acute pain point. Cybersecurity assessments and expert-based consulting is imperative to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Avoid “analysis paralysis” in your technology decisions

There are so many technology choices in each of these categories, in can truly be overwhelming, no matter the size of the business. Business leaders may face “analysis paralysis” as they try to sift through what is bes for their business.

The good news: AT&T Business is here to help. Our team of technology and industry experts can help you understand which products—fiber connectivity, to collaboration, cybersecurity, and more— are ideal for your business based on your unique needs and goals. We can also help you combine products that work together so you can get the most out of your investment.

Use a robust foundation of the right tech

For reliable and high-speed connectivity, look to our networking solutions. With AT&T voice and collaboration tools, connect employees and customers from anywhere — our services encircle the globe. And for security, count on our cybersecurity portfolio. The AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting team has been working with clients for over 25 years. Our consultants provide strategic advisory services for enterprises to plan and implement secure-by-design initiatives for networking, cloud, 5G, and IoT, offering vulnerability and cyber risk assessment services to help customers attain cyber risk, compliance, and data privacy goals faster.

But that’s only the beginning. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products plus the experts to help assess, evaluate, and recommend the right solutions for the unique needs of your business today and as it grows.

To learn more about the robust portfolio of products we offer, explore our presentation, A robust and critical foundation, or contact your AT&T Business representative. This interactive graphic provides you a 360-degree view of everything we have to offer so you can win in the new hybrid work environment.

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