Transform collaboration with AT&T Office@Hand

by Kimberly Munsell, Lead Product Marketing Manager

Think about your business and the ways you collaborate every day. Team members connect with each other, your sales force connects with clients, and your IT teams may work with outside developers or contractors. It adds up to thousands of phone calls, messages, and phone and video conferences between your in-office—and if you have a hybrid workplace model, your remote workers each day.

AT&T Office@Hand makes it easier for growing businesses to streamline voice and collaboration solutions for all of these uses and more. Our cloud-based unified communication-as-a-service (UCaaS) solution enables you to unite your workforce – no matter if it’s the in-office or hybrid, so your employees can work faster and more efficiently. And when you’re growing, every dollar counts. Our solution enables more efficiency in how you communicate within your business and with your customers.

Provide quality communication on every device

AT&T Office@Hand enables you to extend the experience of desktop phones to mobile devices. That’s right – you can transform your company’s smart phones into a business-class phone system. What this means is that no matter where your team members are working—office, home, or a beach side café—your customers have a more consistent experience. Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call routing, and auto attendant get them to the right place efficiently.

Our solution uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP)—your internet connection—to transfer voice data. VoIP has advantages over traditional phone lines because it’s digital. You can connect people easily with built-in SMS messaging, voicemail, video calls, caller ID, and more. Instead of forwarding calls from work to home, you can have one business number that follows you anywhere. You can deliver seamless messaging, video calling, and faxing.

Integration with other applications

AT&T Office@Hand integrates with your contact center and 200+ applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams,, Skype, and more. With flexible internet connectivity options, you can choose the speed that meets your needs today and adapt as your business grows.

What does all of this mean for productivity? Having the right collaboration tools that allow your teams to switch seamlessly and effortlessly between them. Other systems that don’t share information or “talk” to each other can be roadblocks to productivity. AT&T Office@Hand not only unifies your communications. It gives you a comprehensive view of your tools in a single platform so you can manage and monitor call metrics like volume, performance, and customer-recorded sentiments. Then, you can make changes quickly and effectively as needed.

The AT&T Office@Hand unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution enables you to have connected and reliable collaboration both within your business and with your customers. Capture the single-portal view of your communications. Deliver a quality experience for your in-office or hybrid workforce and stay agile for the future.

Download the AT&T Office@Hand infographic to learn more about successful collaboration in today’s workplace.

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