AT&T Staff Alert

A foundational IoT technology that helps support the needs of your employees and your property.

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Prioritize safety

Receive safety alerts to help protect and secure your employees during threatening situations

  • Easy to carry

    A lightweight device with in-built connectivity, LED light and audible alert.

  • Convenient

    A web-based portal to help manage the solution in near real-time.

  • Accurate and Reliable

    Highly accurate location information using AT&T’s reliable LTE network. No Wi-Fi dependencies.

  • End-to-end service

    A fully managed solution with 24/7 support; wholly owned.

Features Details
No Wi-Fi needed No extra cabling or hassle for installation. Relies completely on AT&T’s wireless network.
Web-based portal Interactive, singular view, and customizable reports. 
Outlet conservation Hardware design preserves the electrical outlet and keeps them available to guests and staff.
High accuracy Technology with room-level accuracy. No room-bouncing or floor bouncing. 
Awareness at all times No matter where you are, receive alerts on your phone if an alert is sent.
Security Highly secure Cloud hosting for processing and storage of data.
Complete end-to-end system The solution includes, devices, applications, installation, connectivity, and customer support.
IoT extensible IoT infrastructure that can be leveraged for many other IoT applications (carts, temperature, baggage, etc.)


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