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Herzog Vitality Center in Plano, Texas provides medical services including hormone therapy, vitality shots, and thyroid therapy. The medical spa needed strong, dependable internet to facilitate smoother business operations and future growth.

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Medical spa rejuvenates itself with AT&T Business Fiber

  • Challenges

    Herzog Vitality Center near Dallas needed strong, dependable internet service to help its medical staff work efficiently and provide Wi-Fi for patients. It also needed a way to handle a surge in data traffic as business operations grew.

  • Results

    Faster internet, improved staff productivity, and reliable Wi-Fi for patients. Increased bandwidth also supports business growth by facilitating telemedicine appointments, digital record-keeping, and other staples of state-of-the-art medical clinics.

  • Solution

    AT&T Business Fiber uses light waves instead of electrical signals to transmit data, so it can send higher volumes of information over longer distances. The technology improves staff productivity and allows the business to accommodate more patients.

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Helping people age gracefully through the use of vitality treatments

Jonathan Herzog, President and General Manager of Herzog Vitality Center, chose AT&T Business Fiber for fast, reliable internet.

About Herzog Vitality Center

Herzog Vitality Center works to improve the quality of its patients’ lives. It provides a range of medical services designed to enhance patients’ well-being, including hormone therapy, vitality shots, thyroid therapy, cutting edge supplements, and peptide treatments. 

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