The ELD compliance deadline is approaching fast. Act now.

Commercial fleets that record driver’s hours of service (HOS) are legally required to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) by Dec. 16, 2019. Simplify and automate your fleet operations today to stay compliant.

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The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate


What you need to know.

  • Hours of Service (HoS) regulations govern the working and driving hours of anyone operating a commercial motor vehicle.

  • Record of Duty Status (RoDS) must be recorded by drivers for every duty status and the duration (off-work, on-duty, driving or resting).  These records must be presented to roadside inspectors when requested.

  • Historically, these records have been kept manually and in paper form by drivers. By the end of 2019, electronic collection of HoS data is mandatory.

  • The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) law is designed to help ensure HoS compliance, the safety of drivers and other users of the road.
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ELD solutions

Know what your ELD solution must do

  • Automatically capture movement in the Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) and connect to the vehicle's engine to collect engine data and change to drive duty status when motion is detected.

  • Provide secure, fixed position mounting that is visible while driver is operating the vehicle while being easily removed to hand to hand inspectors when requested.

  • Be tamper proof, not allow any deletion of the drive time data and identify who made any edits/annotation. All persons accessing the systems should have accounts to identify them.

  • Encrypt collected data to help ensure security the data passed from the ELD device.


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