AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Mist

Take full advantage of your network with AI-driven Wi-Fi

AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Mist

Bring AI to your Wi-Fi with Mist systems

AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Mist is a highly-reliable, Cloud-based Wi-Fi service, built on a modern Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven WLAN architecture. The Mist platform allows you to scale your AT&T Business Wi-Fi service to match the complexity of your business’s wireless network.

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How AI can make the most of your Wi-Fi:

  • Combine Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data analytics to optimize your wireless services and drive actionable insights.
  • Transform your Wi-Fi from merely a basic means of accessing the Business Internet into a robust toolset you can use to make the most of your connected devices.
  • Help save you time and money by identifying issues faster and dedicating resources more effectively.
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Why AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Mist?

Reduce your IT burden and learn more, faster

The AI engine of Mist enables AT&T Business Wi-Fi to analyze vast quantities of metadata and automates many of the routine service tasks that would otherwise consume your IT team’s time. For example, the platform is capable of:

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  • Supervised machine learning that correlates events for rapid root cause detection.
  • Time-series anomaly detection that identifies negative trends and measures impact.
  • AI-driven Radio Resource Management (RRM) that optimizes your radio frequency (RF) settings in near-real time.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) used for making complex queries easy and fast.
  • Unsupervised machine learning used with active virtual Bluetooth technology to accurately locate users and devices.

Supported by a microservices Cloud architecture, new enhancements and bug fixes can be delivered without network disruption.

Manage and build your platform to suit your needs

AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Mist enables wireless and location services to be used in a scalable and cost-effective manner. You can easily add and remove Cloud services as your business requirements change; no hardware adjustments required. Similarly, Mist’s API-centric platform simplifies program automation and almost-seamless integration with complementary products.


Choose from a suite of Cloud services


Service Details
Wi-Fi capabilities

Automate operations, save time, and gain visibility into your users’ experience.


  • Customizable Wi-Fi service levels
  • One-click root cause identification
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • AI-driven radio resource management
  • Near-real-time user state information
  • Simple resources assignment


AI-driven virtual assistant

The Mist platform comes with a virtual network expert that helps perform tasks and answer questions.

  • Anomaly detection
  • Data correlation and analytics
  • Integrated help desk
  • Accurate root cause analysis
User engagement services

Empower your business with powerful location-based capabilities to streamline troubleshooting and better engage with customers.

  • Near real-time wayfinding
  • Proximity notifications and alerts
  • Location sharing
Asset troubleshooting and tracking

The same technology used for engaging with mobile users can be used for asset visibility and tracking.

  • Asset identifying and tagging
  • Activity monitoring and analytics
  • Asset tracking

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