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AT&T is recognised as a global leader in the Internet of Things with employees in 60 countries and business customers worldwide.


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Global SIM

Connect your IoT assets around the globe with one SIM.


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AT&T IoT Console

Manage and monitor IoT connections across cellular and satellite operators around the globe.


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Satellite Connectivity

Stay connected through satellites when cellular isn't available.


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IoT Consulting

Design, roadmap, and implement your IoT vision from proof-of-concept to mass deployment.


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Control Center

Deploy, manage, and monetize your connected IoT devices in near real-time.


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Asset Management - Operations Center

Single, centralized user interface tracks, monitors, and manages virtually any connected asset.


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Create new business value through the management, integration, and consumption of device data.


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Deployment Services

IoT device certification service utilizing our experience in over 150 countries and territories.


Worldwide IoT solutions

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Products Purpose Features Benefits
Global SIM Deploy and control connected devices easily and quickly using a single, global SIM that automatically and remotely connects to the network
  • Reliable global network connectivity, based on the GSM standard for high speed wireless delivery
  • Standard interface for deploying and connecting mobile assets
  • Simple, cost effective device management with integrated SIM provisioning, billing, and reporting tools
  • Global roaming in over 200 countries and territories
  • Access to experts in network connectivity and global device certification
  • Single global SIM for provision IoT assets worldwide
Satellite Connectivity The coverage of satellite gives you greater control of your assets, no matter how distant and remote
  • Manage high bandwidth demands in mobile and fixed locations
  • Three solutions built to fit your needs including dual-mode, satellite only, and satellite backhaul
  • Usage based pricing model possible for greater cost efficiency
  • Spend less time with limited or no connectivity
  • Redundancy options for critical applications
Control Center Deploy, manage, and monetise your connected devices around the world with AT&T Control Center, powered by Cisco Jasper
  • Usage monitoring provides alerts and notifications to help you stay on top of costs and to eliminate unplanned expenses
  • Service reliability includes diagnostics, analytics, and alerts, so you can respond to unusual behavior and monitor and optimise performance
  • Streamline operations with cost monitoring in near-real-time within the billing cycle
  • Enterprise-grade service reliability
  • Helps secure customer IoT data, connected devices, and IT systems
  • Powered by Cisco Jasper
Multi-Network Connect Manages IoT connections across cellular and satellite operators around the globe
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, LPWA, and satellite connectivity
  • One set of APIs to share data with other business applications
  • Intuitive web portal with near real time management for monitoring IoT solutions
  • One single platform to manage diverse endpoints with one comprehensive view of all your IoT devices
  • Accessible from most computers with no additional investment in equipment or infrastructure
  • Manage connections across diverse network operators and throughout different regions around the globe
IoT Consulting  Full service end-to-end support at every phase for your IoT solutions
  • Develop prioritised use cases and scenarios that extract business value
  • Identify implementation and management requirements
  • Define streamlined device logistics with customized, integrated solutions
  • Accelerate innovation and mitigate risks
  • Control operational and service costs for your connected environment
  • Develop business cases from strategic plans to transform your business
Operations Center Simplify your IoT implementations and gain visibility of your mobile assets on a single dashboard
  • Enables multiple types of assets on a single platform
  • Offers easy integration into a variety of applications
  • Provides end-to-end security for sensor data and asset management
  • Maximize scalability and capacity
  • Greater control over connected assets
  • Improve operations with visibility into all assets
DataFlow Connect, collect, transform, and orchestrate your data
  • Onboard, monitor, and manage your devices, messages, and deployments
  • Aggregate, compare, and track your device data in customizable IoT dashboards to gain near real-time insight into your assets
  • Build your own project specification or start from an AT&T template to optimize your success
  • Multi-device and multi-cloud compatible operation
  • Integrate with your existing IT and OT and scale to your needs
  • Accept data from a broad range of devices or services, organize and transform your data to easily find, and retrieve patterns and insights
  • Jumpstart on creating application enablement via pre-defined solution templates, device templates and integration connectors to external systems and applications
Global Device Certification and Deployment Streamline complex device logistics including certification, configuration, deployment, and management
  • Experience with end-to-end certification in more than 150 countries and territories
  • Device certification, configuration (FOTA/SOTA), and management for worldwide deployments
  • Staging and kitting from the simple to complex IoT deployments
  • Ensure up-to-date information on steps and timelines for country and regulatory certification
  • Consultative service to help manage the complex device approval process for countries, regulatory bodies, and telecom provides
  • Lab test IoT embedded application and antenna performance to identify challenges

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