Satellite connectivity

We harness space-age technology to keep you connected and provide you with near real-time data.


Worldwide connectivity

Greater control of your assets, no matter how distant

  • Affordable pricing

    Usage based pricing model possible for greater cost efficiency.

  • Stay connected

    Spend less time with limited or no connectivity.

  • Dynamic possibilities 

    Redundancy options for critical applications.

Worldwide connectivity

Solutions designed to fit your needs

Satellite Dual-Mode

Fill gaps in your cellular coverage while providing nearly seamless switching to satellite coverage and back.

Satellite Backhaul

Connect a remote location using a local configuration to headquarters and beyond.

Satellite Only

High bandwidth demands can be addressed in mobile and fixed remote locations.

Satellite connectivity

Key features

Features Details
Satellite Dual Mode Address gaps in wireless coverage and enhance transport efficiency.
Satellite Only Manages high-bandwidth demands in mobile and fixed remote locations. Easy-to-deploy SIM card-based solution. Usage-based pricing model possible.
Satellite Backhaul Manages data going to and from remote locations. Supports high-speed networks. Works with remote wireless networks to provide voice, message, and data.


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