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Improve your 4G LTE wireless service if the indoor signal strength is two bars or less the location can comply with all of the transport requirements outlined in the AT&T MetroCell Technical Requirements Guide. The AT&T MetroCell is designed for up to 96 simultaneous sessions and provides in-building coverage of up to 15,000 square feet per device, depending on building layout and construction. Up to 3 MetroCells can be used at a street address, bringing the total space to 45,000 square feet.

We offer 24/7 device support. Simply contact the Product Management Center at 877.996.7017. When prompted, select 1 to speak to a representative. Be sure to have your account information handy (account name, Foundation Account Number (FAN), and Billing Account Number (BAN).

The required bandwidth depends on the number of simultaneous users you want support and whether data-intensive applications will be used. The minimum required bandwidth we recommend is a downlink capacity of at least 20 Mbps and uplink capacity of at least 3 Mbps. You can find more detailed guidelines in the installation instructions.

The AT&T MetroCell creates a highly secure tunnel over an Internet connection back to the AT&T Core Network. You must comply with all the settings listed in the AT&T MetroCell Tech requirements document for your device to activate.

Each AT&T MetroCell must have the GPS antennae attached so the device can lock location. Location is required for emergency response teams, as well as for timing  synch.

Log into your account, using your Premier credentials, and  you will be able to manage your 9962 4G LTE MetroCell device. The website is easy to use. Devices start in an Inactive status, and once you enter the information, the device will move to a Pending status and then to Active if you have correctly followed all the instructions. Review the User Guide for steps to take if your device shows, Error, Suspended or Address Mismatch, follow the incremental steps to complete the activation.

When you purchase the AT&T MetroCell device, a non-dialable phone number is created for the device in your account. This number protects you from inadvertently disconnecting the AT&T MetroCell device when you change or cancel a regular phone number.

AT&T handsets within range of the AT&T MetroCell device will display more signal strength bars than they did previously. The status in the AT&T MetroCell website will read Active. It’s important to note that the LED lights on your MetroCell will go dark after 15 minutes of normal operation.


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