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When building materials, geography, and structures impede the cellular network signal within your business causing dropped or missed calls, AT&T MetroCell boosts in-building wireless coverage for buildings 45,000 sq. ft. or less.

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Upgrade your 3G device

Support for 3G MetroCells will be sunsetting in August 2021. If you currently have a 3G ALU 9363 device, you may be impacted. Our sales representatives are ready to help you upgrade your AT&T MetroCell device, simply call 866.945.8251 or reach out to your sales manager.


In-building wireless coverage for your business

  • 24/7 device support 

    Contact the Product Management Center 24/7 at 877.996.7017. When prompted, select 1 to speak to a representative.

  • Easy installation 

    Offers a simpler installation than most traditional distributed antenna systems.

  • Online portal to view and manage device 

    Activate and manage your AT&T MetroCell device online.

  • Non-intrusive solution 

    Mounts to a wall or column and uses your existing LAN infrastructure and internet access.

  • Improve customer and employee experience 

    Help increase your employees’ productivity and improve the wireless experience for your customers and visitors. 

Features and highlights

AT&T MetroCell services that fit your business

Features Details
Single device coverage area and simultaneous session availability  Each device serves up to 96 simultaneous sessions (32 3G/HSPA+, 64LTE)1 and covers up to 15,000 sq. ft.2
1 Depending on model and subject to available bandwidth
2 Subject to any obstructions or interference present
Multiple device coverage area and simultaneous session availability  Add up to 3 total devices per physical address to serve up to 288 simultaneous sessions (96 3G/HSPA+, 192 LTE)1  and cover up to 45,000 sq. ft.2
1 Depending on model and subject to available bandwidth
2 Subject to any obstructions or interference present
Easy installation 1.  Unpack and inspect device kit.
2.  Mount device.
3.  Confirm transport settings per the tech guide.
4.  Connect power and Ethernet cables.
5.  Attach GPS antennae.
6.  Activate and test.
Managing your device is easier than ever with our online portal  View monthly performance reports, move the device to a new business location, manage public or private access and more. 
Manage your security and bandwidth Open mode allows access to any AT&T device. Closed mode allows access only to an approved list of AT&T devices. 
Cost effective AT&T MetroCell Kit $5,000 non-recurring charge.
Optional installation $1,500 per single trip.



User guides, installation guides, and other device essentials

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