Fleet Manager

This powerful web-based location and telematics solution provides fleet managers with near real-time and historical GPS-based information for efficient fleet management, including vehicle and driver performance, comprehensive mapping capabilities, and an in-depth suite of configurable reports.

Affordable GPS tracking and analytics

Keeping your fleet moving, increasing the return of your assets and improving safe driving behavior requires real-time, actionable insights

  • Better fleet visibility

    Improve response time and optimize routing by pinpointing the exact location of each vehicle.

  • Minimize loss and theft

    Be alerted to off-hour usage, speeding, idling, device tampering and when vehicles are outside geofence boundaries.

  • Maximize vehicle health

    A comprehensive maintenance dashboard includes reporting of engine hours, service reminders, device status and fuel consumption.

  • Efficient resource management

    Build an accurate, comprehensive roster to balance job distribution and improve customer response times.

Locate, track, and report

Gain valuable insights into your fleet

Fleet Manager - Vehicle Solutions

$18/mo. + data*

Fleet management solution that addresses your challenges and helps keep your organization one step ahead by ensuring drivers have all the tools they need to be safer and perform their best.

Fleet Manager - Asset Tracking solutions

$9/mo. + data*

Asset management solution that provides you with a view into where, what and how your assets are doing.

Fleet Manager - mobi

$18/mo. + data*

This fleet management platform gives you visibility and business intelligence, near real-time to make more informed decisions about your operations faster, directly impacting your bottom line.

*Additional terms and conditions may apply. Prices are subject to change.

Key features

Features Details
Comprehensive on-board vehicle diagnostics With a single device, collect critical data on vehicle performance, driver behaviors, and encourage safer operation 
Plug and play Easy to install GPS device, without any installation costs
Flexible and scalable platform Telematics field data is delivered to a single view for fleet managers, also allowing response to wide variety of departmental/organization needs


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