Connecting for a cleaner future

Reducing emissions and addressing climate change can have a positive impact on your business, in more ways than you might think. 
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Connected solutions that are good for your business and the planet

Reduce emissions

Minimize vehicles on the road through remote monitoring of people and things

Improve efficiency

Use fewer resources and less energy by optimizing production and increasing reliability and resiliency

Realize cost savings

Reduce waste by tracking and managing vehicles and assets

Solutions for your industry

Broadband-enabled smart climate solutions can help industries reduce emissions and improve business performance

  • Solutions for manufacturing


    Asset management

    Monitor equipment and machinery performance to help  meet sustainability goals.

  • 5G and MEC

    Wireless networking and edge solutions enable manufacturing facilities to quickly identify factors that create waste and take steps to increase efficiency.

  • Solutions for transportation


    Fleet management

    Leverage vehicle use data to create programs that reduce emissions by reducing idling and speeding while optimizing routes.

  • Internet of Things

    Provides critical and timely data to electric vehicle (EV) charging station operators  and EV drivers.

  • Asset management

    Track stationary or mobile assets to prevent loss, reduce inspection and maintenance trips and optimize energy efficiency.

  • Smart supply chain

    Networks powered by Fiber, 5G, and Edge Solutions can improve the efficiency of your fleet and logistics hubs to decrease idling time and reduce emissions.

  • Solutions for energy and utilities


    Modernized network

    Integrate IoT into renewable energy generation to optimize production and increase reliability.

  • Energy infrastructure monitoring

    Reduce the need for in-person inspections and the likelihood of leakages and equipment failures while reducing vehicle emissions.

  • Infrastructure resiliency

    Build infrastructure resiliency to prepare, respond and recover from extreme  weather events.

  • Solutions for healthcare


    Remote patient monitoring and virtual appointments

    Enabled by AT&T IoT decrease the need for in-person appointments, reducing travel-related emissions by patients and caregivers.

  • Smart facilities

    Enable energy efficiency in healthcare by integrating 5G, Edge Solutions and IoT into building operations.

Consulting and professional services

Accelerate your climate change strategy with sustainability and transformation solutions from AT&T Consulting and Professional Services

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Customer stories

Sodaq solar powered iot tracking equipment

Smart connectivity choice for smart-sensor IoT

SODAQ (Solar Powered Data Acquisition) needed dependable, global, end-to-end connectivity

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Siemen electrical vehicle charging

Plugging into the power of AT&T Connected Solutions

Siemens needed highly reliable, versatile connectivity for their electric vehicle charging stations so they could update software, process financial transactions, and monitor the equipment.

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Investing in a carbon neutral future

Our carbon neutral goal shows our commitment to reduce our own emissions as well as delivering solutions that help our customers achieve their net zero ambitions.

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Connected climate initiatives

AT&T Business answers the call to help relieve climate impacts

We’ve established a new sustainable development goal to deliver connectivity solutions that enable business customers to reduce a gigaton (1B metric tons) of greenhouse gases through a program called the Connected Climate Initiative. 

  • Exploring the possibilities of 5G

    Funding research at leading universities to explore how 5G can enable emissions reduction in areas like transportation, energy, and manufacturing

  • Co-creating solutions with customers

    Engaging businesses across various industries to identify connectivity-driven use cases that enable business value and result in emissions reduction

  • Fueling innovation and disruptive technologies

    Supporting disruptive technologies through the largest climate tech innovation cohort in the world

  • Joining forces

    Collaborating across product offerings, making service integration easier and faster to deliver, while helping customers drive emissions reduction


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