AT&T Private Cellular Networks - Events

AT&T Private Cellular Networks – Events offers the high bandwidth and lower latency you need to help take the venue experience to the next level with a portable, powerful 5G+ mmWave turn-key solution.


Equip yourself for the future

  • Rapid 5G+ mmWave temporary deployment

    Enables immediate data-only connectivity for events including extended deployments in advance of other permanent AT&T 5G+ mmWave network solutions.

  • Closed and dedicated

    Your private network runs on dedicated 5G+ mmWave spectrum, reducing the risk of variable service levels due to other mobility subscribers.

  • Improved network security

    You decide which users and devices can connect to your network, thereby enabling maximum privacy.

  • Turn-key

    We provide the design, hardware/software, install, spectrum, setup and tear down, and on-site support during the event.

  • Built to fit your needs

    We meet you where you and your needs are. Large or small coverage, remote or crowded locations. We can customize your solution.

What's included

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Temporary turn-key solution with hardware, software, 5G+ spectrum and on-site professional services:

  • 5G+ radios
  • mmWave spectrum
  • Private 5G+ core network
  • Data aggregation & interconnect to local handoff
  • Site design, installation, support/maintenance for event duration
  • 5G+ SIMs for your authorized mobile devices

How it works


AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Keep your data where it’s generated and consumed for faster and private processing.

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In-Building Solutions

Improve the quality of your indoor wireless reception and extend wireless voice and data access where traditional wireless coverage may not reach.

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AT&T Private Cellular Networks

A self-contained, local wireless network for increased flexibility and operational control.

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