Stay connected while you travel abroad

What you need to keep talk, text, and data charges predictable and affordable during your trip.

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Travel with peace of mind

Share your travel adventures with unlimited texts

Pay for one month or set up recurring charges for extended trips

Stay connected in over 210 destinations

Passport options

A short visit, a long stay—either way we have you covered



One-time charge or recurring. Overage: $30/GB.

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One-time charge or recurring. Overage: $30/GB.

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What you get with AT&T Passport

  • Ability to set up recurring charges

    Coverage for as long as you need, for short or extended trips

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  • Unlimited texts

    Send SMS to the world for no additional charge

  • Expandable data allotment

    Choose between 2GB and 6GB data allotments to best suit your needs (Overage: $30/GB)

  • Discounted international calling

    Only $0.35 per minute for calls

  • Stay connected around the world

    Available in 210+ destinations

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Roam Latin America for Business

Only AT&T keeps you connected in the US and 19 Latin American countries with unlimited high-speed data, talk & text at no extra cost.*

*Coverage and data speeds vary by country. International usage should not exceed domestic usage 

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Get more mileage out of your AT&T Passport

Use these handy tips to get the most out of your Passport while abroad:

  • Be aware of data usage with messaging apps.
  • Disable automatic updates and unused apps.
  • Track your data usage in your device settings.
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