AT&T gives companies the 'Power of &' with business agility

In today’s business world, you shouldn’t have to choose one option or another because of network trade-offs

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team


It’s a word favored by a whole lot of relationship experts. But, often, it’s not something businesses and organizations can afford to do. 

For instance, no hospital should have to choose between optimal patient care or optimal network performance. But that’s exactly what happens when an aging network infrastructure results in painfully slow medical data transfer. Patients then must wait a day – or more – for their prognosis.

In today’s business world, you shouldn’t have to choose one option or another because of network trade-offs. Instead, your focus should be overcoming the challenges at the crossroads. Then, operating with an “&” mentality.

What does “&” mean?  

It represents being agile & developing solutions that satisfy all goals. It eliminates the “or” mentality of compromising.  

At AT&T, we’re collaborating with our customers to achieve the “&” for their business. Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of them – Austin Cancer Center, Tastemade and Red Bull Racing. They’re using our solutions in ways that no longer require them to make compromises in their operations.

Similarly, we’re going through our own transformation – driven by agility and innovation – to deliver the Power of & promise to our employees, partners, and customers for today and the future.

Are you running your business with the “&” in mind? Check out the stories below around some visionary businesses and how we are working together to actualize the Power of &.


Tastemade, a food and travel mobile network, sought to help creators share their passions on a global stage, connecting with people around the world, in the moment. But the moment is lost if your app is slow or you have to wait for your video to load. With ARO, AT&T’s App Resource Optimizer, Tastemade can make sure its app works as expected so that they can seamlessly provide their global audience new and exciting experiences with local flavor, helping to enable people from around the world to connect around a shared passion in near real–time. 

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Austin Cancer Center

Meet the Austin Cancer Center, an independent cancer center that has been serving patients in Austin and the surrounding Central Texas area for more than 40 years. Watch as they explain how unique technology helps them serve their patients with innovative care day in and out. 

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Red Bull Racing

In Formula One, a hundredth of a second can be the difference between winning and losing. Speed is vital and can give a competitive edge, so having real-time data is essential. Virtually real-time data – transported over the AT&T Global VPN – makes the difference for Red Bull Racing.