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Healthcare Highly secure solutions for healthcare

Choctaw County Ambulance Authority gains new efficiencies and improves service through AT&T Office@Hand and AT&T Dedicated Internet

Healthcare Improving compliance in home healthcare

My Everyday Health and AT&T IoT connectivity make it easier for patients to understand doctors’ orders and improve patient at-home care

Small business Beyond great hairstyling

In the last place she worked, owner of the Facture Salon said the Wi-Fi was terrible. People were already annoyed before she even touched their hair.

Manufacturing Driving safety and performance with IoT

The DTNA’s Detroit Connect over-the-air updates help commercial vehicles save on time, money, and maintenance. But it needed a reliable IoT network.

Energy and Utilities Helping hotels keep the network working

Downtime is a big deal in the hotel world. If guests can’t get online, they’re going to go somewhere else.

Healthcare More time and budget to serve residents

Staff at The Rochelle Center update the activities of each individual in their care every two hours. But the paper-based process was inefficient.

Healthcare Making remote training possible

When COVID-19 hit, a healthcare IT consulting firm needed fast, highly secure internet to train thousands healthcare professionals virtually.

Energy and Utilities Increasing bandwidth in remote locations

When ZTelco provides a unified communication platform, the need robust connectivity for all customers, even those in remote locations.

Energy and Utilities Seeking consistent connectivity

Acumera needed a high speed, highly secure network to provide its customers with uninterrupted service.


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