ONE unifies its business with an AT&T MPLS VPN solution

A robust network and a single-view portal help drive quality service and innovation

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

What is one of the most vital aspects of successfully connecting a global network of ship liners? It’s the network that enables the communication and collaboration of employees across the globe.

Ocean Network Express, also known as ONE, stands on a philosophy of uniting countries and regions across the globe with their business. The company has a drive for innovation and aims to operate with a keen attention to detail to provide quality service to their customers throughout the journey each shipment takes, including in the design of the containers. ONE understands that while the containers carry the heart of each shipment for their customers, a quality network that helps to keep their business connected is vital to the transport of the containers.

ONE is seeking to redefine the shipping industry by how it connects their business across the globe, and from a communications perspective, their network is the heart of this industry transformation. VPN Business solutions enable them to have access to the robust network they need to connect 10,000 employees across 50 countries to manage 240 shipping vessels.

From edge to edge, AT&T helps ONE connect every corner of their business. AT&T also helps deliver efficiencies through robust connectivity that helps the company provide the quality service and innovation to which they’re committed to give.

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