Ready for Wi-Fi 6?

Read our white paper to learn about Wi-Fi 6 enhancements, benefits, and technology, plus advice to move your business forward

by the AT&T Business Editorial Team

Wi-Fi 6 is built for a world that’s hyper connected over Wi-Fi. This next level of wireless network technology addresses the opportunities and challenges associated with bandwidth hogging applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Wi-Fi 6 will propel next-generation digital applications and deliver performance gains at lower latencies, even in high density environments. Plus, Wi-Fi 6 comes with security enhancements that will benefit personal, enterprise, and open network environments.

To help you understand and prepare for the onset of this new technology, we’re offering an in-depth look at Wi-Fi 6 with a new white paper, “Wi-Fi 6: A Wi-Fi for the age of connected devices."

Wi-Fi 6 will provide businesses with higher throughput, higher density, and higher efficiency, using several key technologies. The white paper will help you learn more about these important technologies, and what they mean for businesses.

We also provide valuable information about the environments that gain the most from Wi-Fi 6 and the benefits that businesses can expect. Use cases include:

  • Smart buildings
  • Indoor warehouses
  • Bandwidth intensive applications
  • Intelligent edge applications
  • Multiple dwelling or other high-density environments

Wi-Fi 6 brings numerous advantages to both enterprises and consumers, so you’ll want to prepare for the opportunities and challenges of bringing your business to the next level of wireless network technology.

Why AT&T Business?

We can help you on your journey to implement Wi-Fi 6. When you upgrade to our fully managed AT&T Business Wi-Fi (ABW) service, you’re offered equipment options to fit your business and we deploy and manage all your locations. AT&T Business Wi-Fi is designed to grow with your business, so we can be with you for years to come.

Learn more about Wi-Fi 6 in “Wi-Fi 6: A Wi-Fi for the age of connected devices."