Top 7 questions to ask when buying high speed internet access

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

High Speed Internet Access can be critical for a small business.  But how do you sort through the dozens, if not hundreds, of offers in the marketplace? Here are some questions you can ask the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or cable companies when making the decision to purchase high speed business internet access.

  1. Is your high speed internet connection security enhanced?  What does the supplier do to help ensure the security of your data?  Are there Service Level Agreements available in case your network is compromised?
  2. How reliable is the IP network that the service runs on?  Is it backed up with Core Network Redundancy?  Do the routers I connect to have redundant links to your backbone in the event of maintenance or failure?
  3. Is it a nationwide network or does it rely on interconnect agreements with other carriers?  Does it have Global Capacity?
  4. Is the bandwidth I pay for dedicated internet through to your backbone for just my use, or is it shared with other customers?
  5. Does the network offer IPv6?  IPv6 will be used for devices that can access the Internet. This marks a major change in the way we will use the Business Internet. Does the supplier have plans to offer this new standard for internet addressing? If so, when?
  6. Does the supplier offer low latency – this can be critical for many applications, including VoIP – Packet Loss kills VoIP Applications leading to choppy sounding calls.  Low latency can also help with “jitter” on your calls.  Leading edge technologies such as on line ordering and payment, electronic bonding with suppliers and other business tools can also be adversely affected by latency issues.
  7. Does the supplier offer Class of Service (COS)?  This can be very helpful in prioritizing traffic using a specific amount of bandwidth allocation so that all classes can transmit data during congestion.

These questions can help you to sort through the tangle of competing offers in the marketplace.    You may have questions of your own as well. Remember that AT&T offers a network of possibilities and we’ve been doing it for over 100 years. If you have questions on AT&T’s Dedicated Internet learn more online.