The magic of augmented reality in retail

Gain customer insights while creating an immersive, personalized shopping experience

by Erin Rohlfs, Industry Solutions Architect for retailers, AT&T Business

Imagine walking into a department store and trying out a new jacket – without actually trying it on. Or sitting down in the salon chair and experimenting with a new shade of red, with no bleach or dye.

This is the reality of retailers who have adopted a “magic mirror,” or a digital marketing solution that allows retailers to interact with their customers across the shopper journey. Investments in in-store digital technologies that can increase engagement and personalize marketing efforts are projected to increase, according to a recent study by Incisiv and AT&T.

A magic mirror creates a realistic representation of garments, cosmetics, eye ware, and more by taking into account the shape of a shopper’s face, body and skin type. Looking for new sunglasses? The AI matches you with the perfect frames for your face shape. You can even record your try-on session, compare options, and share with friends to get a second opinion.

This leads to reduced shopping time, increased customer satisfaction, and enables associates to sell to more customers.


A personalized experience

Using the MemoMi Memory Mirror available through AT&T Business, as the customer tries various items, the mirror can collect and save their data (with appropriate opt-ins). The AI engine can then begin to make personalized recommendations.

As an example, it can recognize a returning customer, know what they’ve tried on, and bring those items back up for their view and potential purchase. Or show them suggested items. If the item viewed in the mirror isn’t in the store, it can be shipped to the shopper’s home.

What’s more, retailers can get valuable customer insights. What are customers trying? What do they like and dislike? What tendencies show up across demographics? Robust analytics with many data points help brands improve offerings and build relationships with customers.

The Memory Mirror technology is available on a variety of platforms. Retailers can meet the consumer on their terms. It works on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, digital mirrors (cosmetic or full length), or even home devices. 

Big picture

It’s important to note that the most effective implementations of this technology are part of a larger strategy for consumer engagement and marketing. Yes, it has the “wow” factor to cause a positive buzz. However, it’s the longer-term planning that can help create a positive ROI that can be quantified from day one.


Professional services from AT&T help bring it all together

Through our professional services, all desired retailer SKUs can be loaded into the Memory Mirror platform. It connects the mirror to inventory, so it shows realistic images. Once the platform is set up, retailers will be able to update or remove SKUs by mirror, store, region, or other criteria. 

The data generated is owned by the retailer, and they can use it according to their privacy policies and standards.


Working with AT&T

Just as we’ve done with MemoMi and others, AT&T can work with innovative companies to help them bring new products to market. AT&T has the Edge-to-Edge scale, technology, and experience to bring new solutions to our customers, which can help innovators create market-leading solutions.

In the end, magic is not just for mirrors. We can work with you to customize services and solutions that help you achieve your business goals.