Dedicated internet access explained: what is DIA internet?

When security and speed count, try dedicated internet

by Aaron Miller

What is dedicated internet access?

Dedicated Internet is a unique solution for obtaining Business Internet connectivity that businesses prioritizing security and privacy should consider. If you’re responsible for managing your business’s connectivity, then you know how many Internet varieties there can be. Broadband Internet types include Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable modem, fiber, wireless, satellite, and Broadband over Powerlines (BPL). In addition to these popular broadband technologies, there are other options that deliver connectivity independently of shared resources. Each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before you choose a Business Internet connection for your business, determine what type can best satisfy your priorities. Today, we look at the key features of dedicated Internet.

Direct Internet: Enjoy your own dedicated Internet connection

If highly secure connectivity with guaranteed performance is vital to your business, then consider a service that offers a direct connection to the Business Internet. Unlike broadband, direct Internet connections bypass the public infrastructure that carries the Internet to millions of customers. These direct connections can guarantee high speeds and high reliability. Think of dedicated Internet service as a private fast lane on a highway. All of the traffic riding on the dedicated infrastructure is scrutinized, and the connection is optimized around the clock to help deliver high levels of performance.

Dedicated Internet connection: Highly reliable to help keep your business online and performing.

Dedicated Internet connections give customers guaranteed high levels of service availability thanks to Service Level Agreements. This gives businesses peace of mind. Their critical functions that depend on Internet connectivity will keep running. If your business relies on the Internet to deliver videos, transmit large files, or support near-real-time interactivity, a dedicated Internet connection might be the right fit.

Dedicated Internet: High speed so you can be more productive

Another advantage to a dedicated Internet connection is high download and upload speeds. They offer symmetrical rates—meaning identical speeds for uploads and downloads—so businesses can upload just as fast as they can download information. This is especially important for businesses that deliver interactive services online and need to upload high volumes of information quickly.

Dedicated Internet services: Highly secure to help reduce risks to your data

Dedicated Internet services provide private, one-to-one connections between customers and service providers. It’s not shared by other businesses, so you can enjoy highly secure data transmission internally and via cloud applications. Providers typically offer additional threat defenses. Managed firewalls and cloud-based security features can further enhance overall network security.

With so many different types of high-speed Internet service available, it can be challenging to narrow down your search to a best business internet in your area. But if your business requires highly secure and highly reliable service with symmetrical speeds, dedicated Internet is a natural choice.

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