A customer installed our Wi-Fi in 500 of their stores. In 30 minutes. All by themselves.

What can AT&T Wi-Fi do for you?

by Johanna Key, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, AT&T In-Building Solutions & Wi-Fi

We think installing and managing your Wi-Fi network should be simple. It’s just one of the things that set us apart from our competitors—and can set you apart from yours. Here’s a rundown of the three core advantages to choosing AT&T as your enterprise Wi-Fi provider.

But first, about those 500 stores.

We call it “zero-touch provisioning.” What that means for your locations is virtual plug-and-play simplicity when setting up Wi-Fi, for the sales floor as well as the back offices.

Weeks of engineering and days of security checks have been condensed into half an hour. It’s a great example of the ease-of-use that makes these four advantages so … advantageous.

A best-in-class user portal

Because if it’s not simple, you’re not going to use it.

Once you’re up, running is just as straightforward. Our intuitive, user-centric portal works from a laptop, tablet or mobile device. With a few clicks, you brand your Wi-Fi log-in page. You monitor and manage multiple locations, all from one place. Real-time notifications keep you ahead of network issues and security threats.  

Managed service

Because you’re a retailer, not an IT guru.

Don’t worry, you’re not doing all that branding and monitoring alone. Support is available 24/7 via chat, phone, or email. If you want, we’ll even custom-design and install your network for you. Our terms of service let you connect your customers without having to babysit the connection or chaperon their browsing. And regular, online maintenance and support begin the day after your Wi-Fi is set up.


Do we really need to give a reason?

Ok, how’s this: Every day, cybercriminals launch 2 million brand new malware attacks. So, separating the Wi-Fi that serves the sales floor from the Wi-Fi in the back office is essential. For the secure storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data, PCI compliance is built in, as is the ability to detect spoof Wi-Fi sites and rogue access points. When (not “if’) either one is found, transactions are suspended until the problem is addressed.

We make Wi-Fi simple. That makes your choice easy.

Installing Wi-Fi in 500 stores in 30 minutes is pretty amazing. But it’s the kind of simplicity AT&T builds in to every step of our enterprise Wi-Fi: from unified control through a single portal to managed service that frees up your people and security that hunts down threats. Because AT&T believes a big part of our job is to make a big part of your job easier.

For details and additional insights, visit our AT&T Wi-Fi Enterprise solutions site.