AT&T Wi-Fi - Enterprise

Business Wi-Fi from AT&T allows customers to take charge of their Wi-Fi network.

Give customers more than the Wi-Fi they expect

Set your business apart by providing an exceptional, fully connected guest experience. We can flexibly customize public and highly secure private Wi-Fi Internet access in a few locations—or a few hundred.

Our business Wi-Fi solution can help you:

  • Show guests that you are addressing their Wi-Fi needs
  • Attract new customers and entice them to stay longer
  • Keep back-office and guest traffic separate and highly secure
  • Enable useful services like digital signage and ordering through hand-held tablets

Enhance your business with public and private Wi-Fi

Provide accessible, public Wi-Fi for guests and a highly secure network for employees. Our enterprise solution simplifies Wi-Fi for your business by keeping back-office and customer traffic separate.

Enable applications with Wi-Fi

Improve customer experiences and empower employees to work more efficiently. Wi-Fi - Enterprise provides flexible, on-premises connectivity to enable applications. We can help you:

  • Enhance in-store displays with digital signage
  • Encourage customers to access loyalty programs while at your location
  • Expedite inventory processes with wireless barcode scanning
  • Simplify POS (point of sale) system updates and operation
  • Remotely control equipment like thermostats and refrigerators via third-party telemetry

Multiservice VPN

Combines public Wi-Fi and highly secure VPN. It does this through a single piece of hardware and an intuitive portal. That means that you can now provide Internet access while keeping your sensitive data highly secure.
Learn more about Multiservice VPN >

Wi-Fi - Enterprise can connect users through three wireless networks, or SSIDs (service set identifiers):

  • Private - a highly secure wireless network for back-office and employee use only
  • Public (AT&T-branded) – a default SSID that’s preconfigured to provide Wi-Fi for guests
  • Public (customer-branded) – a customizable SSID that gives your brand more visibility

Gain insight into your customers

Our business Wi-Fi solution gives you access to a user-friendly portal that displays a range of information about your network, including:

  • The number and status of access points installed
  • How many customers have signed on
  • The average guest browsing time
  • The types of devices connected

Promote your business with Wi-Fi

Enrich your marketing efforts with Wi-Fi. Our solution provides:

  • A customizable connection page featuring your brand’s logo
  • Window stickers and tent cards to let guests know you offer free Wi-Fi
  • A listing in our AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Locator

Deploy Wi-Fi your way

We can help you quickly and easily deploy flexible Wi-Fi that meets your business' needs. We offer:

  • Professional installation, or self-setup
  • The option to purchase your own equipment, or let us provide what you’ll need

Installation is billed separately from the Wi-Fi - Enterprise service. The billing is based on a monthly charge for each access point.

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