AT&T 5G is now nationwide

With enterprise-grade mobility built by business for business

by AT&T Business Editorial Staff

AT&T has launched 5G nationwide. It’s exciting for consumers—and innovation-propelling for business. Our 5G and 5G solutions built for businesses are what we call enterprise-grade mobility. It’s a step up—and a leap forward—from the consumer options many business decision-makers consider.

We already created specialized enterprise solutions that use the nation’s largest network*—all designed for maximum security and control, and these solutions are being expanded for the nationwide 5G network. Business mobility was born at AT&T, so our enterprise-grade mobility solutions give businesses of any size unsurpassed solution choices, connectivity strength, and security expertise that can help continuously move you forward.

In addition to rolling out 5G on America’s largest network, AT&T offers a temporary portable data-only solution for live video streaming and immersive fan experiences using 5G millimeter wave spectrum (“5G+”) connectivity. AT&T offers a complete solution set, from macro networks to portable 5G+, that also includes enterprise-grade mobile security.

So, you can backup and store your data on the highly secure AT&T network backed by one of the world’s leading Chief Security Offices (CSOs). And it’s all supported by the breadth and depth of AT&T Cybersecurity solutions to help make your mobile network more resilient and secure—while providing spam protection as well.

The best part is that this level of enterprise-grade security is available not only to the smallest of pop-up shops but also to the largest of major corporations. 

5G built by business for business

Our 5G has been built for businesses. How? We’ve been partnering with enterprise customers since our 5G launch in December 2018 to engineer and pioneer business use cases (read about specific cases below in the section, “Working with businesses from the start”). We made sure to create mobility built for the rigors of your business, with unsurpassed solution choice, connectivity strength, and security expertise that helps continuously move you forward. AT&T 5G enables enterprise-grade mobility.

You’ll eventually be able to achieve true wireless flexibility at the speed of wired networks. However, simply using consumer 5G products won’t deliver the result your business needs. You need solutions that can help you connect, collect data, and create in new ways. We’re bringing you a new standard in communication that will redefine business mobility in a way that will reshape the future. 5G with edge solutions will help do that by enabling:

  • Ultra-low latency for faster computing of information, especially important when moving data like video used in immersive experiences
  • Robust reliability enabling businesses to support mission-critical apps and services
  • Massive connectivity allowing businesses to connect more devices to the network without impacting performance
  • Fast speeds to help deliver better services and experiences
  • New kinds of experiences driven by the ability to push and pull data-intensive content such as video to and from new locations
  • Fast aggregation of data across more endpoints and sensors, creating a new range of Internet of Thing possibilities

In addition to rolling out 5G on North America’s largest network**, we are working with businesses to create flexible onsite 5G+ designs configured for end-to-end 5G+ use cases that benefit from lower latency and ultrafast speeds.

But it’s more than speed. We can help provide better control and security through closed, dedicated tunnels to the mobile network that are not accessible by other devices. This creates more secure and reliable performance and user control, with no macro integration and strong over-the-air encryption (3GPP 5G standard).

We also offer steadfast service and support. Our turnkey solution has the expertise from design and installation to support and tear down for portable networks. Coupled with our 5G Center of Excellence

organization, you get a dedicated resource designed to work with enterprise customers to understand your specific needs. We can help design and recommend optimal solutions that suit your business.

5G is more than a new spectrum

5G provides a new level of differentiated mobility from AT&T Business because it’s enterprise-grade mobility. It accelerates more technologies such as AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC).

AT&T MEC helps you create new and innovative business opportunities. It’s designed to give you control of what data stays on-premises. It helps give you the ultra-low latency needed for innovative use cases (predictive services and maintenance, remote automation, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) on the factory floor). You may be able to use virtual reality and augmented reality for training and video intelligence. You may even enhance visual inspections with artificial intelligence to provide more monitoring on machinery with the Internet of Things to minimize downtime.

You will also be able to use AT&T Network Edge with 5G. AT&T Network Edge will give businesses access to compute power, lower latency, and optimized network routing without the need for dedicated on-premises hardware. This allows multiple business locations to take advantage of the closer computing as well as being able to take advantage of high-capacity wireless networks and lower latency they need.

We can also provide temporary portable solutions enabled by 5G+ to offer extra speed and capacity over high-band 5G to serve high-traffic areas and places like arenas, campuses, events, and other venues.

And since modern information-flows stretch from smartphones and tablets to software-defined data centers and everywhere in-between, AT&T Business is uniquely qualified to give you the depth and breadth of a proven cybersecurity leader.

Working with businesses from the start

AT&T Business hasn’t been waiting around for the nationwide launch to start providing solutions to our customers. We launched AT&T MEC last year to help enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of lower latency and increased control at their facilities. With 5G it only gets better.

We’ve already been running use cases with various types of organizations, across different verticals so we can be ready for yours.

“We believe that the majority of the early use cases, the things that are going to reshape how commerce is conducted, are going to come from the enterprise space,” says Jeff McElfresh, CEO of AT&T Communications. “And then consumers will follow as more mainstream devices become available, and 5G networks become denser and more fully deployed.”²

Here are the enabled customer experiences:

AT&T Business, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, and Samsung Electronics America unveiled the first manufacturing-focused 5G Innovation Zone in America. The Innovation Zone is designed to use a combination of multiple connectivity technologies, including 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi®. Adding 5G into the mix can enable manufacturers to enhance the scale and volume of data collection, improve process flexibility by eliminating wires, and improve the ability to process data in near-real time. Increased bandwidth and reduced latency would be a game-changer in improving efficiency and performance on the production floor and predicting issues before they happen.

AT&T and VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of hospice care, have launched a study that intends to combine 5G with virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR) so that Vitas can test if it can help reduce chronic pain and anxiety for certain hospice patients. This mobile solution using immersive technology is a good use case for testing the potential for 5G speeds and low latency to help patients and families in need.

AT&T and the Dallas Cowboys will put fans at AT&T Stadium at the center of the action in the nation’s first 5G-enabled stadium. Throughout the season, we plan to offer four unique 5G activations that will begin to change the way fans interact with the game, including life-size digital versions of star players and live stats overlaid on the field using the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

The University of Miami and AT&T are rolling out a 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) environment on the Coral Gables campus to help support innovative teaching and research methods. They are using AT&T 5G using millimeter wave (“5G+”) and commercially available AT&T MEC technology, allowing students and faculty to more efficiently pursue scholarly activities through Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform.

Starting next year, AT&T will add its 5G and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) technology to Deloitte University’s existing cellular environment. This will result in a communications platform that will help enable DU to explore new technologies and innovations to enhance experiential learning programs and overall guest experiences. AT&T MEC and 5G will be installed at the center to support specific use cases.

Experience enterprise-grade services, solutions, and security

AT&T Business has created a broad portfolio of options, tailored to your manageability requirements, including enterprise edge solutions with our AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing and in building product portfolio. We also have the expertise in professional mobility services and have helped ensure you’ll have the ability to integrate with a wide array of vendors, products, and services.

Our 5G mobility can help extend your existing infrastructure and investments because we’ve already been collaborating with an array of best-in-class vendors. All while helping to provide increased control and visibility driven by a dedicated enterprise mobility core with customized, policy-driven control of the network and traffic.

And through our enterprise-grade security powered by 5G, we can help you secure users, devices, and data (at rest and in motion) no matter where the business needs to go. We also provide evolving security solutions as a new generation of devices, applications, and use cases emerge—all backed by AT&T Business and AT&T Cybersecurity experts.

We are focused on providing enterprise-grade connectivity, security, integration, and control. AT&T 5G products and solutions are built to help you secure users, devices, and data (at rest and in motion) no matter where the business needs to go.


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* Based on comparison of carrier owned & operated networks.  No AT&T on-net coverage in select countries, including Canada.