How AT&T is preparing for a technology transformation

Because change is the only constant

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

Transforming a company isn’t easy. It requires leaving behind a business model that has likely yielded success for a new model designed for the future. 

AT&T needed a technology and organizational transformation to overcome hurdles encountered as we strove to compete in an all-IP world. We needed to create the business velocity necessary to meet our objectives, all while enhancing service delivery and the customer experience.

This signaled the need for a technology transformation – with key elements incorporating six major categories:

1. Application Rationalization

2. Integrated Cloud as the Foundation for IT and Network

3. Building Platforms for the Future

4. Building a Seamless and Predictive Customer Experience

5. Big Data and Becoming a Data Driven Business

6. Organizing Differently and Building a Workforce for the Future