AT&T named a leader in UCaaS for Enterprise and SMB

IDC MarketScape recognizes AT&T for its tier 1-backed solution based on its security, industry compliance, and network redundancy

by Mark Freifeld

The COVID-19 pandemic has made business leaders realize the need for flexibility in how they connect with their employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. And with many businesses offering work-from-home options, remote workers need to rely on a variety of communication tools. UCaaS can provide this flexibility and reliability through what IDC defines as a cloud-based integrated voice, messaging, and meeting services solution delivered via Internet Protocol (IP) in the cloud and sold on a monthly recurring subscription basis.

The IDC MarketScape1 named AT&T a leader in UCaaS based on a few key strengths:

  • Security. AT&T Business knows that security is at the top of the list for IT buyers. These buyers understand that protection must be prioritized across a provider’s solutions and services. Our voice and collaboration portfolio supports this goal with layered security protocols, threat intelligence monitoring, and dedicated circuit paths to avoid high-risk countries. This multi-layered approach helps keep your communications and your information safe and secure.
  • Industry compliance. Businesses need to comply with various laws, including ones that protect healthcare data (HIPAA), investors (FINRA), and children’s online privacy and safety (COPPA and CIPA). Our UCaaS solutions provide the robust security controls needed to help companies comply with these laws. Doing so also helps you give your customers peace of mind that their records and other data are handled with care.
  • Network redundancy. Network outages can be devastating for businesses. Network redundancy helps to eliminate single points of failure, ensure network stability, and create stability and uptime to keep your business in motion. As a tier 1 network services provider - one that can reach all networks on the internet - we offer value-added integration, including quality and survivability solutions with AT&T SD-WAN and AT&T SD-WAN NOW and enhanced security with Private Voice over AT&T VPN (AVPN). This variety of secure network options is designed to fit the unique needs of your business.

According to the IDC MarketScape report, AT&T is a leader for enterprises seeking a single provider for a tier 1 backed solution that comes with network security services, visibility, and reliability. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses will benefit by considering AT&T as their tier 1 network services provider. Our flexible UCaaS solution offers entry-level packages and options for bundled connectivity and business continuity services so your business can continue moving forward.

To read the results and learn how UCaaS can help your organization, download the UCaaS Enterprise IDC MarketScape Excerpt or the UCaaS SMB IDC MarketScape Excerpt.

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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide UCaaS Service Providers for SMB 2021 Vendor Assessment
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