AT&T Business named digital health company of the year

Frost & Sullivan says AT&T Business is “truly focused on healthcare” more than its competitors

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Frost & Sullivan recently named AT&T Business as the Company of the Year in the digital health industry.

Frost & Sullivan said AT&T was the most highly rated information and communication technology (ICT) provider using a schema based on ICT companies’ ability to enter and be successful in the demanding world of healthcare, which is undergoing a significant transformation. This rating system identified a few major players in the ICT market that satisfied the requirements for success.

Since the rating system was developed nearly a year ago, Frost & Sullivan said it has been monitoring notable ICT players that have achieved success in the healthcare space. AT&T Business continues to lead in its penetration of the healthcare market, and as a result merits the Company of the Year Award in the digital health industry.
“More than any of its competitors, Frost & Sullivan finds that AT&T Business has truly focused on healthcare as a market in need of transformation and is becoming a trusted partner to healthcare delivery organizations seeking to deploy cutting-edge networking in support of the clinical workflow,” said Frost & Sullivan. “With its strong overall performance, AT&T Business has earned the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.”

In accepting the award on behalf of AT&T Business, Rod Cruz, GM of Healthcare Solutions at AT&T Business, said: “With our expertise in connectivity, data analytics, innovation and strategic collaborations, we believe that AT&T Business has the ability to really help our customers connect caregivers and patients to care. Moreover, this award was a total team effort, involving excellent healthcare-focused work throughout our organization.”