Medical and industrial detection

Substandard and falsified medicines can be a public health challenge, especially in developing countries. WaveGuide wanted to enable medical professionals to test the purity, authenticity, and viability of vaccines and medicines.


Faster, easier ways to test the purity and authenticity of vaccines and fluids

  • Challenges

    WaveGuide’s groundbreaking technology required a provider with worldwide reach to connect its Formμla NMR devices—connectivity with the power to instantly transmit results to the company’s research facilities half a world away. 

  • Results

    AT&T Global SIM provides worldwide, end-to-end connectivity. AT&T Control Center enables WaveGuide to activate, deploy, and manage its connected devices in near-real time, with critical data being uploaded virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Solution

    Equipping hand-held, micro-nuclear magnetic resonance devices with AT&T Global SIM cards facilitates data collection and transmission in near-real time. AT&T Control Center puts full management flexibility and control in WaveGuide’s hands.

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Testing the purity and authenticity of vaccines and other fluids

About WaveGuide

With its portable micro-nuclear magnetic resonance (µNMR) platform technology, WaveGuide allows diagnosis and analysis, including in remote settings, to reduce costs and improve responsiveness to critical patient and customer needs.

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