The Washington Post needed a way to measure noise pollution levels near cryptocurrency operations for a story they were investigating about communities disrupted by deafening cryptocurrency mining datacenters.


AT&T IoT sensors enable a new way of storytelling in journalism

  • Challenges

    As part of an investigation into communities disrupted by deafening cryptocurrency mining operation datacenters, a team of Washington Post reporters sought a way to precisely measure community sound levels. 

  • Results

    The unobtrusive sensors helped protect the identity of some sources who did not wish to be identified. The Post got the accurate data, then used the signals from the sensors to create spectrograms—visual representations of noise strength over time.

  • Solution

    AT&T Business suggested installing AT&T IoT sensors equipped with AT&T Global SIM cards that remotely deliver noise level data to Washington Post reporters. AT&T Control Center made it simple for the company to manage its sensor connectivity remotely.

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