Student safety technology

Treker is a communication platform that enhances student safety. It tracks and displays the locations of buses and students in near-real time, delivers estimated arrival times, and records students as they board and exit the bus.


Thy Tang got the idea for Treker while waiting with his son for the school bus

  • Challenges

    Treker’s groundbreaking school travel solution required robust, consistent connectivity to deliver near-real-time data on the location of buses and students.

  • Results

    Treker chose IoT solutions from AT&T to power their innovative platform. Now the Treker platform can help parents and school officials know when the bus is arriving and track students as they board and leave.  

  • Solution

    AT&T Control Center supplies automated capabilities for managing cellular data connections more efficiently and cost effectively, giving the company control over ordering, testing, and activating/deactivating SIMs.

AT&T solutions

Collaborate effectively with network solutions from AT&T


Treker launches safety-first approach to school travel

Treker screen view on smartphone.

About Treker

Tech entrepreneur Thy Tang got the idea for Treker one snowy morning while waiting with his son for the school bus. He wondered how rideshare apps could show him exactly when his driver would arrive, yet he had no idea when the school bus might show up. 
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