Like most organizations, The Washington Post was forced to alter its operations when COVID-19 hit. The organization needed a way for its journalists to submit their work—with immense video and audio files—from remote locations.

Journalists and audio video engineers working to publish the latest news at The Washington Post operations center.


Finding a way to rapidly move large amounts of data between remote news teams

  • Challenges

    During the coronavirus pandemic, Washington Post journalists and employees began working from home. Everyone, especially audio and video engineers, needed to move large amounts of data fast, regardless of home internet quality, to meet daily deadlines.

  • Results

    The Washington Post teams have the robust bandwidth they need to publish the news on the variety of platforms it uses to reach readers, viewers, and listeners on the medium of their choice.

  • Solution

    AT&T provided NetCloud-enabled Cradlepoint Gigabit-LTE routers and AT&T Wireless Broadband connectivity.

AT&T Solutions

Collaborate effectively with network solutions from AT&T


Mobile connectivity delivers for reporters working remotely during the pandemic

Bullpen of the Washington Post news room

About The Washington Post

The Washington Post is a news organization founded in 1877. It has a digital audience of more than 90 million visitors each month and an additional 42 million readers internationally. It has won 69 Pulitzer Prizes for achievements in journalism. 
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