IoT for agriculture

Austrian company smaXtec is helping dairy cows live healthier and dairy farmers work more efficiently. The cows swallow smart sensors that provide farmers with data on their inner body temperature, rumination, drinking cycles, and movement.

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Internet of Things (IoT) invention brings farmers connected cows

  • Challenges

    After achieving success in Austria, smaXtec began marketing their solution around the globe. International expansion required a reliable connectivity provider with global reach and deep IoT experience to power the innovative devices.

  • Results

    Highly reliable AT&T connectivity lets farmers easily monitor the health of their herds. The device detects diseases up to four days before clinical signs. Farmers can act earlier than ever before to preserve the health of their animals.

  • Solution

    smaXtec chose AT&T IoT to enable its smart sensors in the U.S. and other parts of the world. AT&T Global SIM cards allows smaXtec to have reliable connectivity across the globe. The AT&T Control Center simplifies management and data visualizations.

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A brave, new world of connected cows

Checking health sensors in a cow

About smaXtec

smaXtec helps dairy farmers better understand their cows. With IoT-enabled sensors, dairy farmers can easily monitor their animals’ health, reproduction, and feeding management. The company currently monitors 200,000 dairy cows worldwide.
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