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When COVID-19 locked down healthcare facilities, ReMedi needed AT&T Dedicated Internet to quickly support virtual electronic health record (EHR) training for hundreds of medical professionals. For the virtual training plan to work, they needed a robust and dependable infrastructure, and they needed it quickly.

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Virtual learning using fast, highly secure, dedicated internet connectivity

  • Challenges

    When COVID-19 locked down most healthcare facilities, ReMedi had to create EHR virtual training that was as effective as its in-person method. They needed a robust and dependable infrastructure. Because of an upcoming deadline, they needed it fast.

  • Results

    ReMedi created a virtual command center, where they provided instruction for a large hospital, on schedule. They also increased efficiency with significant cost savings. AT&T Dedicated Internet made this possible with its robust, highly secure, proactively monitored connectivity.

  • Solution

    The AT&T Dedicated Internet solution delivers lightning-fast connectivity that allowed ReMedi to train thousands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals over livestreamed video. This digital transformation forever changed the way ReMedi does business. 

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Implementing innovative solutions to improve healthcare

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About ReMedi Health Solutions

ReMedi Health Solutions, a national healthcare IT consulting firm, offers consulting services and innovative solutions to improve the quality of healthcare with Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology.

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