Formula One racing

Red Bull Racing Honda is a Formula One team based in the United Kingdom. They employ over 900 people all focused on designing, developing, and operating Formula One cars.


In Formula One, teamwork is everything

  • Challenges

    The greatest challenge is speed. The ability to communicate and collaborate at different sites very quickly is critical to the operation. There are over 100 sensors on the car which are collecting data on pressures, temperatures, and forces. 

  • Results

    Split-second decisions need to be made and acted on. Edge-to-Edge technology allows the team to sense and adapt to the competition.

  • Solution

    The AT&T Virtual Private Network offers highly secure network solutions to the Red Bull Racing Honda team. 

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Red Bull Honda race car on a track

About Red Bull Racing Honda

Formula One is a truly global sport. Red Bull Racing Honda has to cover multiple events across multiple continents. Split-second decisions need to be made and acted on.

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