Agriculture technology

QualySense and its customers needed a way to connect to the QSorter® technology in the field to transfer data, update software, and debug systems in real time to power robots for agricultural quality inspection and sorting, often in remote locations.


Determining the quality and purity of seeds, beans, and grains thanks to IoT

  • Challenges

    Farms and food production plants are often located in rural areas, where it can be a challenge to access fast and reliable internet services. QualySense needed this connectivity to effectively run its technology solution.

  • Results

    AT&T IoT remote connectivity enables QualySense to debug systems in real time. Software engineers can transfer data and apply patches through the AT&T Control Center. Customers with offices all over the world to receive quality reports immediately.

  • Solution

    AT&T Global SIM cards support the breakthrough QualySense inspection and sorting devices. With AT&T IoT wireless connectivity, the company can use its artificial intelligence technology to analyze and sort seeds, grains, and kernels.

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The seeds of innovation

About QualySense

QualySense AG is a Swiss company focused on advanced robotic and cloud solutions for seed processing and quality inspection. Its QSorter® is the world’s only technology able to measure the compositional and physical quality of each seed at very high speeds.

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