OneLife Technologies Corp.

Smartwatch with highly secure AT&T LTE-M connectivity delivers peace of mind for patients and caregivers



Communications hub facilitates informed decisions

  • Challenges

    Technology innovator OneLife needed a way to transmit patient data from its wearable medical devices to clinicians and caregivers so they could intervene when necessary.

  • Results

    The ability to monitor the well-being of senior citizens and others with medical conditions in near-real time and receive alerts if something goes wrong.

  • Solution

    Powered by highly secure AT&T wireless connectivity, the OneLife smartwatch can deliver highly secure transmissions of critical medical data to the cloud, where it’s accessible by the patient’s support team.


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Designing technology for an active, aging market

OneLife smart watch monitor showing heart rate.

About OneLife Technologies Corp.

OneLife Technologies Corp. is a mobile medical software/ data collection company with a suite of proprietary, patented, medical-grade wearable tracking technologies designed to provide patients, physicians, nursing homes and hospitals with comprehensive health data. The system and devices will be HIPAA-compliant and utilize an open application programming interface for easy data communication and integration to existing electronic medical records systems. The company’s smartwatch has been certified by the FCC and PTCRB, an organization that develops certification standards to help ensure a device’s interoperability on global wireless networks. It was also the first medical wearable to earn AT&T LTE-M certification.
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