The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas nurtures girls, helping them develop strengths and confidence, learn new skills, and excel. They wanted to enhance the simplicity and productivity of their outdated phone system.


Evolving their phone system for reliability, flexibility, and productivity

  • Challenges

    Like many nonprofits, the organization operates on a lean budget. Staff at headquarters used an old, premises-based PBX to communicate with one another and the organization’s many volunteers.

  • Results

    The VoIP solution delivers easy-to-use phone, fax, messaging, and conferencing capabilities. This enables staff to work as efficiently at home or a campsite as they do in the office.

  • Solution

    AT&T Office@Hand is a mobile-first voice, video, conferencing, messaging, and team collaboration solution. It helps staff work faster, in or out of the office, from smartphones, tablets, softphones, or desktop IP phones.

AT&T Solutions

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Inspiring girls to stand up and make a difference

A girl in a girl scout uniform shows her mother something on a tablet she is holding.

About the Girl Scouts

By nurturing innovation and developing leadership skills, scouting prepares girls to overcome challenges and advocate for their ideas now and later. Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas has nearly 19,000 girls and adult members.
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