The Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) provides power to several communities. In the course of cleaning up four decades’ worth of infrastructure and communications services, MEAG found it could get better services for lower cost.


Untangling the billing knots and upgrading services for less money

  • Challenges

    As MEAG grew over 40 years, it added telephone lines for voice services, building access, elevators, and alarms. Billing and account management was complicated. It needed to identify all its accounts, eliminate redundant services, and upgrade.

  • Results

    AT&T Business helped streamline and upgrade MEAG Power’s services and simplify billing. MEAG went from 13 separate accounts to just four, saving several thousand dollars per month. 

  • Solution

    AT&T Phone for Business – Advanced is a cloud-based solution that converts traditional analog landline signals to VoIP internet connections; AT&T Dedicated Internet, AT&T Business Fiber®, and AT&T Business Wi-Fi bolster and backup MEAG’s connectivity. 

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About MEAG Power

The Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) is a nonprofit, statewide electricity provider. It’s among the top public power companies nationwide in terms of annual net generation, megawatt-hour sales, and electric revenue. 

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