With 20% annual growth for more than a decade, Keeley Companies looked to strengthen security and simplify communication among employees, customers, and partners. They needed the business technology to set the stage for their next decade of growth.


Rock solid networks with valuable insight into network threats

  • Challenges

    Connecting the employees and contractors who work in company offices, satellite locations, and on construction sites coast to coast was an ongoing challenge for Keeley’s small IT team. Plus, the IT team had to defend the security of the network.

  • Results

    Keeley now relies on AT&T Business for much of their telephony, mobility, connectivity, and security services. For cybersecurity, they see attacks, probes, and events in near-real time so they can stop the activity before it becomes an issue.

  • Solution

    Mobile LTE routers equipped with AT&T SIMs and Meraki access points. The router connects to the AT&T network for data service.

AT&T Solutions

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A network that adapts to meet Keeley’s needs

Keeley employees gathered in a parking lot under a tent.

About Keeley Companies

Keeley Companies, based in St. Louis, Missouri, are a family-owned enterprise. They offer turnkey solutions for construction, infrastructure, technology, wireless, real estate development, and logistics management, with $600 million in annual revenue.
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