IrisVision VR medical devices

IrisVision helps legally blind people see more clearly through VR technology. The company wanted to add highly reliable IoT connectivity to provide even more value for its users—like remote updates, virtually instant access to new features, and more.


IrisVision gives new hope to those with low vision with the help of AT&T IoT

  • Challenges

    As the company added new features and developed new versions of its proprietary technology it wanted to be able to share them more easily with users. They began researching the best ways to supply connectivity to their life changing devices.

  • Results

    IrisVision is now better able to help users customize their devices for various vision disorders. They can also (1) collect data analytics, (2) easily deploy and manage updates and new services, and (3) enhance the support and experience for users.

  • Solution

    AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity (thanks to an AT&T Global SIM in each device and the AT&T Control Center) allows IrisVision to provide ongoing support, updates, and releases to its customers—in near-real time.

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Helping the vision-impaired to see clearly and live fully

Woman wearing a VR headset.

About IrisVision

IrisVision invented a wearable device for those with failing vision. It combines the latest in mobile VR technology with rigorous medical research. Their light headset helps people make the most of their remaining sight.
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