Manufacturers’ representatives

Interep Associates is a manufacturers’ representative of semiconductor and electronic component firms, working on behalf of some of the top companies in the industry. It needed voice and data networking that was highly reliable and affordable.


“The SD-WAN works as advertised”

  • Challenges

    Interep Associates needed a highly reliable and affordable voice and data networking solution to connect workers at its three locations with their partners and customers. They also wanted tools to help them collaborate better.

  • Results

    Enhanced performance and dependability, increased efficiency, and significant savings.

  • Solution

    AT&T Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) supports high-quality voice services, speedy internet connections, and improved network reliability. AT&T Office@Hand was paired with SD-WAN to prioritize voice traffic in the policy manager.

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About Interep Associates

Interep Associates has been the premier manufacturers’ representative firm in the southeast since 1972. They were looking for a solution that could give them a high-performance wide-area network using hybrid and broadband internet links.
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