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Innovative Perioperative Technologies (IPT) has developed a revolutionary tracking solution to reduce the unnecessary waste of equipment in the end-to-end surgical process and support patient safety.


Helping hospitals and medical suppliers track surgical instruments

  • Challenges

    IPT needed Internet of Things (IoT) tags that could provide tracking capabilities, inventory visibility, and actionable data. But an ordinary tag wouldn’t do. This one had to be able to withstand a 270° pressurized steam oven that sterilizes equipment.

  • Results

    IoT tags track instrument location and verify each has followed proper processes and policies. Company leaders expect the innovation to help improve clinical outcomes, increase efficiency, and generate significant savings for healthcare organizations.

  • Solution

    AT&T Global SIM provides the rugged IoT tags to track surgical equipment. The AT&T Control Center, a cloud-based platform, delivers control, visibility, and agility to IPT’s breakthrough system.

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Reducing waste, risk, and costs in the end-to-end surgical process

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About IPT

Innovative Perioperative Technologies (IPT) is a health-tech startup that has developed a software platform that enhances the methods by which hospitals sterilize, use, and return the instruments surgeons use. 
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