Follett Corporation

Follett Corporation makes the grade when it comes to helping students and schools succeed, thanks to AT&T FlexWare℠


Connecting Follett with a robust network environment

  • Challenges

    Educational service provider Follett, which has succeeded for 145 years by continually evolving to meet customers’ needs, looked to reinvent its network environment.

  • Results 

    The AT&T software defined wide area network supports Follett’s legendary customer care by connecting all aspects of its business and strengthening network redundancy and security.

  • Solution

    AT&T FlexWare provides strong, highly secure connections between Follett’s bookstores, enhancing agility, and simplifying network management.

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Inspiring learning, one student at a time

Office workers at Follett

About Follett Corporation 

Follett Corporation provides educational services and products to colleges, schools, and libraries, handling the details that make life easier for these organizations. The company operates more than 1,200 bookstores on college campuses and is a wholesaler of pre-owned college textbooks. It also supplies K-12 schools and public libraries with books and audiovisual products.

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